Positive Approach Charity

Being Positive every day - Offering an ANCHOR when needed
and a GATEWAY to BE-POSITIVE about enduring mental health

Our OWN Shop

We have Our very own Charity Shop on the ground floor and Drop-In (for members) upstairs which is open 5 days a week, where we accept donations to sell of the following:-

Unfortunately there are some items we are unable to sell, please click here for the list of unsuitable items.

The upstairs is used for a range of organised daily therapeutic sessions "in general" on these set days as show below:

Monday - anytime in the day drop in - coffee/tea - a chat with friends

Tuesday - Craft sessions 1:00pm to 3:30pm - members drop in during the morning

Wednesday - SHOP CLOSED - however DROP IN - pre-arranged use only with manager

Thursday - Cooking nutritious meals - all day sessions + anytime drop in

Friday - anytime drop in and one off lessons - could be computers/photography/even more cooking - depending on weather could be field trips out painting/walking

Saturdays - SHOP IS NOW CLOSED - Drop In - is closed unless members wish to use for a pre-arranged get together before going on a pre-arranged occasional outdoor fund-raising event in the afternoons raising greater awareness of mental health or even car boots to arrange on the Sunday to raise much needed funds in any small way we are able. And of course a great day out for members subject to weather conditions and amount of transport available.

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