Positive Approach Charity

Being Positive every day - Offering an ANCHOR when needed
and a GATEWAY to BE-POSITIVE about enduring mental health

How We're Raising Funds

We believe £22.315.41 for the 12 months ending and leading up to the year end (for accounts purposes) 30th September 2016 (last audited accounting period) to operate such a facility is an amazing positive bargain for the community - saving the tax-payer/government and local government a huge fortune - for many reasons that include: less admissions to hospital wards, reducing consultant/doctors time/running costs, giving local people with mental health issues somewhere to feel they belong.

If you want to help us immediately with a cash donation of your choosing, this can be done using the donate button to the left. This is processed by PayPal, but you do not need an PayPal account to do this. Alternatively we do accept items to be sold in our shop (see the shop page for accepted items).

Two major trusts in Blandford Forum donated sufficient funds for Positive Approach to re-open it's doors and get up and running for the 1st year. Also the same two major local trusts had donated funds to get us through the 2nd year and now the 3rd year (2017) and thankfully (in addition) a national grant making foundation Allen Lane Foundation have generously given us £3,000 for 2017 and a further £3,000 to be paid in Oct/Nov 2017 for 2018, to enable us to retain the DROP IN – and get together – wherever they may be in the future.

Our Charity Shop raises funds each and every day, 5 days a week from donations in general from the community/public of Blandford Forum.

Blandford Town Council support us.

And...Our landlord has been exceptionally generous.

Also, we do car boot sales a number of times in the year, raffles and specific fund raising at organised local events.

Anybody can donate via PayPal by clicking the button to the left.

At Positive Approach we are also continuously applying for small grants that all add up – to keep us operating on such “a small amount yearly” which offers such enormous benefits to all ages (over 18 years of age with no age limits) who suffer with enduring mental health problems and lifelong affecting mental health issues.