Positive Approach Charity

Being Positive every day - Offering an ANCHOR when needed
and a GATEWAY to BE-POSITIVE about enduring mental health

Our Beliefs and Values


Positive Approach know that mental illness does not have to mean the end of someone's hopes and dreams. Every day we support people, who are affected by mental illness, to realise their potential as we work to improve their lives in the Blandford Forum (and surrounding areas) community.

Providing an ANCHOR

People affected by mental illness are at the heart of everything we do daily. Through first-hand knowledge and experiences over the many years, we understand the profound impact of mental illness, and the effects of stigma, the myths and misconceptions about it.

A very Positive APPROACH

Positive Approach will work hard and for as long as we can, offering a very Positive Approach, to provide help, support, information, advice and services to people with mental illness and their families. We provide in our Anchor Gateway - Drop-In a safe space for all to share their experiences on what can be a long and difficult journey.

Opening the GATEWAY

Positive Approach focus on what works for people affected by mental illness, providing the support to achieve positive results. We will continue to expand Positive Approach Charity, helping people to cope day to day. We will always liaise with the local CHMT (Community Mental Health Team) in Blandford when appropriate.

Positive Approach - an Anchor and Gateway to COMMUNITY THINKING

Positive Approach believe that people have a voice and should speak out to get better outcomes for everyone affected by mental illness in our community. Promoting the reality about mental illness and raising awareness, challenging negative attitudes and campaigning for more effective local care and community support.

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