Positive Approach Charity

Being Positive every day - Offering an ANCHOR when needed
and a GATEWAY to BE-POSITIVE about enduring mental health

Photo of the Shop Front

About Positive Approach

Positive Approach is a local community support group for people with a range of mental health issues. We are almost one of the longest established support groups in Dorset, having been running for more than 17 years, offering support to those in need. (Previously in different locations in Blandford Forum).

We are a very Positive Group, who have a DROP IN** facility Monday to Friday (5 days a week) between 10:00am and 4:00pm ** in our own charity shop which is in Anchor Gateway, Blandford Forum.

**(Where we can meet and then stay in or go off out and about on a pre-arranged day trip/course)

KINDLY NOTE: Those who become accepted Members have to be initially referred by the local Blandford Community Mental Health Team (CMHT - Milldown Unit) or a registered practitioner/consultant.

Up until the end of September 2014 we had been funded by Dorset County Council, but "as current times are hard and we have a cash strapped government", funds are now not made available to support any mental health disability groups in fixed buildings in Dorset. (as far as we have been made aware.) Now we all "pitch in/volunteer/fund-raise" to find the money to fund Positive Approach. Our charity shop/drop-in, costs for the year ending 30th September 2016 was £22.315.41 to operate for the period (one whole year) as per audited accounts completed by our registered accountant. 3rd year accounts will be available towards the end of October 2017. We are raising funds through a range of methods. Please also see our CONSTITUTION rules of membership at CONSTITUTION.

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